Reviews and Features for A Moment More Sublime


A Moment More Sublime was published in August 2014 by Upper West Side Philosophers Inc.

"... thoughtful, suspenseful, and stunningly well written ..." 

-Andre Aciman, author of Enigma Variations, Call Me by Your Name, Out of Egypt 

"This book shows that no one is safe, nothing is secure. Grant reveals a kind of capitalism that is against the interests of both the middle class and the working class – a rapacious, pitiless folly that must be resisted.  You can read the novel as an obsessive story about a single industrial dispute, or as a microcosm of a society where those who suffer are those who are trying to do the right thing – and those who aren’t even trying to do the right thing, but just want to keep their heads down, get by and feed their families. By the end, I was cheering the hero on in his quest to stick it to the Man. It felt like it mattered. And that makes this a worthwhile book … a very respectable start as a novelist." 

-Sam Jordison, The Guardian 

"A Moment More Sublime … remains elegant, witty and engrossing… Grant writes eloquently … ensuring all the characters are well-rounded and at all times humorous." 

Elinor Cosgrove, The Gryphon 


Lecturer’s campus novel gets black marks from college employer   Published in The Guardian on 21 November, 2014 | By: Alison Flood 

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